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How to Study better. January 4, 2010

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Here are some tips that will help you get better grades.

Know your teachers : Research which teachers are the most interesting and fairest graders. It is also important to know which teachers are the most easy to meet with during office hours and for help with coursework.

Attempt to schedule classes in blocks

If possible, schedule your courses in chunks of time so that you have free hours of uninterrupted time for studying.

Plan your week

Choose blocks of time for studying and schedule them so that they are uninterrupted. If you do not schedule your week, you will often waste much of your time.

Sit in the front of the class Sitting in the front is an excellent way to ensure that you pay attention to the professor andthat your mind will wander less.

Don’t cut classes Many absences from class convey the message to the professor that you don’t care aboutyour grade or the course. Also, you may miss some important information.

Understand how the professor grades What are the most important items, tests or quizzes? Ask to look over past exams or to getexamples of test questions. Pay close attention to specific topics that you think will be covered on exams.

Take great notes and review them Carefully take notes and learn how to take notes if needed. Try to review your notes within24 hrs to help remember them and consider questions you may have for your professor.

Meet students in class with whom to share notes All students miss a class here and there. To keep up with your studies, find a good student in each class to get notes from when needed. You can also return the favor.

Study with friends or other class members Discussing what you are learning is a great way to learn. Try to find students that are at your


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