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Dont know if your grades will make you NCAA eligible? GradeCheck does ! January 28, 2009

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GradeCheck® Corporation provides academic guidance to all high school students who are hoping to receive an academic and/or athletic scholarship from a college or university.

All students hoping to play college sports must register with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and meet requirements laid down by the NCAA Clearinghouse. Although this information is available online, many parents and students are still unclear on exactly what they have to do to be eligible to play NCAA sports.

GradeCheck® Corporation seeks to simplify the process of determining NCAA eligibility. They have developed an Internet system that enables students to track their academic progress quickly and easily online, and to rapidly determine what NCAA eligibility requirements they still need to meet.

We are proud to be working with the Folks at GradeCheck to offering you the service.

For more info go to or give us a call 877-245-5885 for more info.


UpMoves Varsity Mentoring

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A college education is an expensive investment in a person’s future. Finding the right college is a challenge, even for the best students and athletes in a given school/
Solution: By actively and creatively marketing your abilities to college coaches who are looking for skilled student-athletes, and by following advice from people who understand the NCAA and sports recruiting , scholarships sources and financial aid.Our staff are expesrts in utilizing the latest information and web based technologies to help you make your next move.
Being a college athlete can be a great experience and is a unique opportunity to learn,grow and have fun. It is important that every athlete has the right advice,training,exposure, guidance and counsel to make the most of this opportunity.
UpMoves Varsity Mentoring can provide that service. We can help you applyand get college athletic scholarships.We cover all NCAA and NAIA sports. It doesn’t matter how good you are, College coaches cannot evaluate your potential if they don’t know you’re out there.
If your are not a “Phenom or Blue Chip” you need to promote yourself !
If you don’t submit your athletic profile to the coaches then you wont get noticed and you wont get a scholarship….


There are so many athletic scholarships available to high school athletes, but you MUST have a professionally prepared portfolio that you can post on the internet and hard copies to mail and present at try-outs and camps ! You need good Video Footage and a great student-athlete resume/portfolio we will teach you how to do it, or we will do it for you !